Patent Registration and Protection in Cyprus

What is a Patent

If you’ve got an idea for a design or invention or a product or a process that provides, in general, a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem and want to protect it from being stolen, securing a patent is a must. Provisional patents are perfect for those who are currently developing an idea and want to retain the legal rights to it.

Applying for a patent does not necessarily need to be as complex as you might expect: many young inventors have applied for provisional patents which have protected their inventions, and have also enabled them to get to grips with the basics of patenting – something that will be helpful in the long-term as their careers progress.



Why is important to register a Patent

A patent licence can be registered in Cyprus under the Patents Law of 1998 to the Office of Patent Registrar, as is the main source of patency law on the island.

Such registration is not essential but has several advantages. By the grant of a patent, you acquire exclusive exploitation rights over your relevant invention, under conditions, for a period of 20 years (which in cases of pharmaceutical or plant-protection products may be extended up to 25 years and in cases of paediatric pharmaceutical products up to 25 years and 6 months), such as, for example, manufacture, sale, import, export etc. During the patent validity period, you can, as the holder of a patent, use, assign or license your invention and take steps against third parties in case of its unauthorised use.



What Patent Services Do We Offer

There are three main areas where our patent lawyers can help you:

Prosecutions (the process applying for a patent) – The application for granting a national patent is submitted to the Department of the Registrar of Companies.

Commercialisation – we can help you buy, sell, licence or commercialise your patent (for both pending and granted applications)

Disputes, litigation and enforcement – we can help you enforce your rights if your patent has been copied, or used without your permission. We can also help in cases where the ownership of a patent is in dispute.



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